You Are as Worthy as You Choose to Be!

A trait most commonly observed in the therapy room is low self-esteem. As a professional ‘observer’, I also see this in the wider world too. Celebrities, wealthy individuals and those who to the untrained eye, “have it all” are actually often seen to be in great distress. I have never been a celebrity or had the burden of wealth, but I too was one who others shared their thoughts – “I wish I could be in his shoes!”

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Book Launch: Why what’s inside ‘Mind Mechanics – The Mindfulness Compendium’, may help you?

Following the acid test of providing free of charge over 500 downloads of the ‘rough’ copy compilation of blogs attributed to my website, I decided it might be reasonable to have a version of the most popular blogs formatted, tidied up, re-edited, proofed and made available across all major e-readers at Smashwords. [Read more…]