Suppressing Emotions: The Cost to Body and Mind

Suppressed emotions can have a significant impact on both the mind and the body. When we suppress our emotions, we are effectively bottling them up inside us, preventing them from being expressed in a healthy and natural way. This can lead to a range of negative consequences such as: [Read more…]

Anger and a Candid Perspective

Anger is a natural, healthy emotion in moderation. Too often we hear ‘angry’ parents speaking angrily to their children and yelling “calm down”! Society is much the same, we get angry when someone transgresses our beliefs and values, yet we may rarely ask why. [Read more…]

Snarl or Smile?

I’ve spent many years behind the wheel of one vehicle or another, maybe you have too? When I’m behind the wheel, less so when walking, I catch myself smiling at people and behaviours… or snarling… because I’ve made a snap (mindless) judgement about a person or behaviour. Why is this?  [Read more…]