Suppressing Emotions: The Cost to Body and Mind

Suppressed emotions can have a significant impact on both the mind and the body. When we suppress our emotions, we are effectively bottling them up inside us, preventing them from being expressed in a healthy and natural way. This can lead to a range of negative consequences such as: [Read more…]

Alcohol Addiction and Short v Long-Term Supports

A short informational piece from our guest author at the AbbeyCare Foundation Group


When alcohol use has developed into more than an occasional indulgence, it’s usually a sign of underlying psychological issues that need to be addressed. Establishing the pattern behind addiction, and what alcohol consumption is doing “for” you, can help identify the underlying beliefs and trauma that may need resolution. [Read more…]

Lockdown Cabin Fever: Life in a Pandemic

At the time of writing, much of the planet is facing a ‘second-wave’ of COVID-19. The global economy is being challenged, the poor are getting poorer, the sick, sicker, and all our perceptions of thinking we have any level of ‘control’ are being fractured. But, is the outlook really all doom and gloom?

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My Journey Through Treatment and Recovery

Dealing with an addiction or addictive behaviours are some of the most difficult to process, accept and work through. Our guest, Kevin Repass is a recovering drug addict and alcoholic and has written many articles to help others. Here, he briefly shares his journey through treatment and recovery in the hopes to encourage others who are experiencing a struggle with drugs and/or alcohol to seek support.

From the age of 14 until 30, I struggled with drinking and drug use – for half my life basically! A lot of people tried to tell me I had a problem, but I always failed to listen and regardless of the consequences, I didn’t care. Ultimately, it was an idling and failed three-year relationship, a battle with severe depression, suicidal thoughts, my family watching me drink myself to death, an overdose of pills and a trip to the emergency room that led me to agreeing to go into a detox and treatment centre. My drinking and drug use had already ruined half my life and it almost ended me for good. [Read more…]

5 Steps to Choosing an Addiction Rehab Centre

Addictive behaviours are one of the most concerning challenges we may ever have to overcome and a few include overuse or dependence on alcohol, drugs, food (too much or not enough), gambling and abuse (of ourselves and others).


It is a misconception that addicts are unemployed as certainly when it comes to alcohol, you are more likely to drink if you are in employment than if you are looking for work or you aren’t in the job market… Although adults with the lowest incomes are most likely to abuse drugs, particularly Class A substances, the pressures of poorly paid work can be just as significant as having a demanding job. – Workplace Stress and the Role of Addiction


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Key Signs to Know if Your Casual Drinking is Turning Into an Addiction

We are, once again, approaching that time of year when partaking in the festivities allows us to enjoy special food and drink and provides us with a much needed change in routine. However, are we mindful of our activities or do we find ourselves mindlessly ‘following the crowd’? Also, consider the rest of the year, not just the festive times. Are we mindful of our habits and behaviours?

Joel Curtis, a registered Psychologists with Endeavour Wellness has over 17 years of experience. Joel also holds a Masters’ Degree in Psychology and owns a number of private practices in Sydney and provides expert content for several national TV and Radio programmes. Here, Joel looks at the subject of casual drinking and addiction. [Read more…]

Codependency and What it Can Mean for Us

A guest article, by Sonia Tagliareni – a writer and researcher for DrugRehab and who is passionate about helping people, started her professional writing career in 2012 and has since written for the finance, engineering, lifestyle and entertainment industry. Sonia also holds a bachelor’s degree from the Florida Institute of Technology. Today we focus on the most commonly understood phenomenon of codependency in a relationship where one of the partners may be challenged with substance addiction. It is worth maintaining an open mind, however, if you have a challenging relationship. Codependency is also highly observable in relationships outside of addiction!


Codependency, an emotional and behavioral condition that often afflicts the family members of a substance abuser, occurs when a person cannot function in a healthy manner without another. The codependent individual becomes obsessed with their family member’s substance use disorder and allows the disease to take over their lives. [Read more…]