The best decision I have ever made for myself was walking into Penni’s room and starting the process of changing my life. It sounds cliché but there is no other way for me to articulate the positive impact Penni and her work have had on my life. She is always prepared for sessions and does research outside of sessions to find materials for me to use every day. Her dedication to her clients is very apparent and I just could not recommend her enough. My life is so much better now all because I walked into her (really nice and cosy) room. Thank you.  – TP

How many of you are happy to say you’ve been healed from your narcissist enough to be “you” again? I’m healing but I know I’ll never be the old me again and that’s a good thing. The old me attracted narcissists. I like the new me that is emerging; stronger, not so controllable, not so trusting. I’m still kind, still caring, still have the childish wonder about things, still love a walk on a beach and find joy in nature, still willing to help people but I’ve learned about boundaries and don’t give all of me anymore. I don’t let people hurt me anymore. They don’t get close enough. I’m still struggling with the PTSD but have a really good trauma counsellor I’m working with on that. I’m getting there. I’ll never be the old me again, she’s gone forever, and I don’t miss her. – Anon

I’ve come off Sertraline. After a rather aggressive/grumpy first week which saw [him] hiding in his office for much of the time, I seem to be levelling off. I’m crying more, I’m feeling more, I’m laughing more, I’m being more. I’m sleeping better, my memory’s better, the weird muscle spasms that made me look like someone with a tic have stopped. Whilst you will, I am sure tell me this is down to me, I can assure you that I would not have been able to do this without your support. Thank you for all your guidance, listening, information, facts (love a fact) but I think mostly thank you for making me feel like you genuinely cared about me. It made all the difference. – Rebecca R

Out of all the people in my support team, working with Bob has been the best decision I’ve ever made. I first met him in a business group about 4 years ago, I think. One of a few men in the group and the only counsellor, I was immediately drawn to his quiet confidence and over the course of a few months in that group I came to know, like and trust him. (Isn’t that what the online world is all about!) I worked with him back in 2015/2016 to help me process the fallout of my divorce, losing a house I was planning on buying and a lot of childhood related baggage that I’d been carrying. We drifted apart until October (2018) when he received a Facebook message from me asking for help. He then had to sit through 2 or 3 calls with me where I basically cried hysterically for each hour, unravelled all of the mistakes I’d made since we last spoke and sort of fell apart live in front of his very eyes. Slowly over the past few months, with Bob’s quiet support, I’ve been putting myself back together, learning all about childhood emotional neglect, working on healing my inner child and understanding who I am and why I make the decisions I make. We’ve had some really positive counselling sessions and we’ve had some where I’ve clearly gone backwards in terms of progress. I’ve seen a ‘Kerrie’ who I haven’t seen for years, maybe even never. I’m discovering who she is and what she can do and what makes her soul light up. What I’ve learned through working with him is this: Whatever you are feeling is OK, don’t ignore it or pretend its not there. Sit with it, process it, finish it and move on; baby steps are the way forward; right now is all that matters, you can’t change the past and you don’t know what will happen in the future but as long as you are OK right now that is all that you can do; my personal development and my mental health are so closely intertwined its hard to see where one ends and the other begins. I am not my bad days, or my good days. I am me. Always learning and growing; shit happens, it will always happen and its the way you deal with it that counts. For me, understanding why I act the way I act and make the choices that I make has been massively helpful. I want to be the very best person that I can be (for my business, kids and more importantly for me) and I know that means being really honest with myself about who I am and what I do and how I act or react. I still think a lot of people are embarrassed to admit that they see a counsellor. I had a few sessions of family counselling with the children last year, and plan to continue working with Bob for as long as he’ll put up with me. I don’t see any shame in asking for help with your mental health in the same way you would with your physical health. I realise more and more every day that I can’t grow my business, raise my family, be the best version of me on my own. That shit takes a village and Bob has the role of Chief Counsellor in my village! – Kerrie R

My Dear Bob, I hope all is well with you. It is now almost three months since our last meeting and I want to thank you for all the help and understanding you gave. Prior to my seeing you, I had found myself in a state of confusion; constant anxiety and frequently close to tears. Self-esteem had hit rock bottom and I was so angry at myself for feeling that way. You gave me reasons as to why I no longer felt in control of my life and in understanding myself rather better I was able to come to terms with my confused emotions. In you I found someone who listened and understood my difficulties – and talked to me; made sense of my state of mind. With your help, I gradually started to find myself in a ‘better place’ and now feel stronger, more confident and calm. I can’t deny there are times when the old insecurities take hold, but they are not so deep rooted and are usually fleeting. Thanks to you I have the ‘tools’ to back me up when I need them. I routinely practice ‘mindfulness’, continue with the Mirror Work, although not so intensely – and I also have a copy of my ‘little bible’ – ‘Reconciliation’ by the wise Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hanh. I also know I have my ‘safety net’; a lovely person called Bob, who will be there to catch me if ever I fall. But, you made me strong, and I don’t think I shall fall. – M

Had THE most practical counselling session I have EVER had. Bob really gives clear steps to get out of bad emotions! #depression – Adelina Chalmers

I feel so much happier now than I have for a long time. I feel my life is fully in my control and heading in the right direction for me. I have gotten back into my fitness training away from my old gym, and this has opened up a whole new world of like-minded friends. I am really content within myself these days as well and happy to be just on my own. This in turn has allowed me to plan new adventures both here in England and next year abroad… None of this I feel would have been possible without your help Bob. For this I am grateful. – Mike

Dear Bob, A note of thanks! You made a big difference to me and I hope through that, to others who mean so much to me. I needed the tools to help me improve personal and business relationships and to allow me to ‘lay to rest’ issues from the past. You provided these and much more. You can and should be considered a safe haven if someone is feeling that they might benefit from some outside assistance in their life. We covered some quite deep stuff and you were kind, yet firm, at all times, in helping me reach a better place. Thank you. I would (and will) absolutely recommend you to others. Pleasure to have met you and keep up the good work. – GM

Time spent with Bob is always time well spent. He is a true professional and his enthusiasm is infectious and shines through his communications, making you happy to engage with this great communicator. – Nickey Hirst

I engaged Bob and Anglia Counselling Ltd. when I was undergoing a marital separation. Bob helped me to prepare for the changes that were going to affect me and my family – allowing me to come through this traumatic event in a more stable way and with a strategy for life after the separation. Once I was in the position of emotional stability I was aiming for, Bob was invited to provide care for the other family members to help them also better come to terms, and ask questions in a private and unhindered way. Although the final outcomes were still painful, my family and I feel able to move forward and communicate and understand each others concerns better, leaving us the potential for a more positive future where we can continue to communicate and engage respectfully. I recommend Bob and Anglia Counselling to you. – JD

As a father, I can only say that the two sessions my son and I shared with Bob were exceptional in terms of the outcome. My son and I are now communicating again after many years of not being able to for many reasons. He really wanted to do this himself as he recognised that he needed to turn his life around and with support from friends,family and Bob, he has achieved his objective with us all. Bob really drilled down to what we needed to address together. My son and I are now well equipped to develop our relationship positively together in the future and better understand each other’s needs. Bob made a difference to both our and the family’s lives. I have my son back! wonderful. Heartfelt thanks to Bob from us all. – Anon

With only a few sessions I can really see how things are already so much better for me and my family. Thank you so much! – SP

I would just like to praise Bob on his ability to read me! He has given me, me back. Thank you. – LH

Bob has helped me enormously during a difficult time in my life. The support and help received from him enabled me to get back to living and enjoying life again. He is kind, thoughtful and has a great insight into people’s personal problems and has a wonderful way with words giving encouragement and helping you to feel that you are doing well and moving forward. I would recommend anyone who is struggling in any way to talk to him. He has so much experience in this area and is so understanding. – Anon

I called on Bob for advice and direction in a family crisis. Bob’s response was both professional and immediate and he agreed to work with a family member after they made contact. Bob was extremely skilled at working with distress and normalising it as well as providing coping strategies to change perspective and develop self awareness. His practical intervention deescalated a potentially serious personal crisis and his easy-going yet empathetic approach worked extremely well – and very rapidly. The immediacy of contact was superb. Bob was discreet and very principled in boundaries but managed to build a rapport and help resolve concerns in a very short time period. From personal experience of his work and the relief and clarity he was able to bring about I am happy to recommend him. Bob is the real deal in terms of therapists with principles who get results. – CG