14 Ways to Benefit from ‘Alone Time’

There are so many negative connotations when we hear the word ‘alone’. However, ‘being alone’ or ‘alone time’ can provide great benefits and contributes to our emotional wellbeing. For some time I have been a great advocate of ‘mindful walking‘ as a way to engage in some physical exercise and make space so we can reflect (maybe even allow for some problem-solving), feel the ground beneath our feet, smell the air and listen to the sounds around us – in effect ‘see’ or become aware of what is around us. It’s this awareness that leads us to give attention to ‘the present moment’ and ‘being mindful’. [Read more…]

Tips to Identify Mental Health Issues When Feeling Exhausted

Is exhaustion starting to get the better of you? Our guest, Amanda shares tips to identify some of the underlying reasons why we may be feeling inexplicably exhausted.

Wherever you live, mental health issues are likely prevalent. There are so many who are tormented by symptoms which often seem to appear out of nowhere and even though there is much more awareness, many still feel ‘shame’ which hinders them seeking help to deal with a difficult situation.

If you feel like you, or someone in your family, is possibly going through a mental health issue, here are a few things you need to know when it comes to identifying mental illness in its early stages and seeking the appropriate help sooner rather than later. [Read more…]

10 Natural Remedies for Insomnia

There can be various underlying issues that may affect our sleep; issues such as anxiety, depression and stress being the most common. However, there can also be specific things that can affect our sleep such as worry, grief, trauma, lifestyle, sleep routine, mental health disorders, physical health conditions and even side-effects from taking medication.

If you are having trouble sleeping, why not try out some of these natural remedies?

[Read more…]

7 Ways to Help Alleviate Sadness

Guest author, Marcus regularly blogs at psysci, a psychology, science blog that examines the latest research and explains how findings can impact and improve one’s life.

At some point in our lives, it’s inevitable that we’ll experience sadness and/or low moods. When we feel stuck in a period of melancholy, it can seem like there is nothing we can do to help ourselves. That isn’t necessarily true and there are various things you can do to help alleviate these feelings. [Read more…]

Can’t Sleep? Try Using Sound to Your Advantage!

When you find sleep difficult, whether trying to get there – or after waking during the night, it can cause havoc with your next day. I’ve written about this a number of times, here’s one popular example, but for those of you perhaps less inclined with previous posts, this week’s guest author, Sarah, might have just the thing!

When you are tossing and turning, night after night, getting some sleep is all you can think about. Losing sleep can affect your day to day life and your health and a continuous lack of sleep will only make things worse. If you are having trouble getting to sleep, maybe it’s time to try adding a little sound to lull you to sleep. [Read more…]

How to Sleep Well for a Longer Life

Are you getting a regular, good night’s sleep?

Having spent almost two decades working 24/7 shifts, I understand only too well the impact this has on our health, relationships and our productivity in the workplace.  I also, wrote about this subject a few years ago as insufficient sleep is viewed as a common contributory factor for those suffering prolonged periods of depression, anxiety and relationship problems, including parenting. [Read more…]