Guilt: The Great Demoniser

Another wonderful piece by Tim, our resident guest author. This time we are looking at guilt; something many of us live with or have lived with for years.

I’ve been thinking a lot about guilt.

I don’t mean real guilt; guilt that is the guilt caused by a foul act such as a hurting another person or creature or committing a crime. I mean the guilt that we have had forced upon us by society, by, in prior days, religion, by those who seek to control us.


Guilt makes us secretive, drives us in on ourselves, can cause a multitude of unpleasantness for us and for those around us.

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Suicide: A Permanent Fix to a Temporary Problem #JustTalk

I find myself yet again sadly reminded of the pain associated with learning of an individual’s death via suicide – and the effects it has on friends, colleagues, and loved ones. I don’t know why exactly, but this time the news has triggered me to consider pushing the issue even further into the public eye with #JustTalk.

Because we all still need to make further attempts to end the stigma, I’m going to demonstrate that it is safe to share, to talk, and there is no shame necessary. * May contain triggering subject matter. [Read more…]

Healthy Ways to Reach Forgiveness

A topic that will resonate with us all – forgiveness. Cindy Rollins is passionate about both physical fitness and mental wellbeing and shares her thoughts with us on how to overcome the obstacles of being able to forgive.

Forgiveness is a process in which one faces an event of the past, acknowledging the mistake made, and moving on. This is not an overnight process and may vary greatly from person to person. Sometimes we can hold a grudge for years and barriers may still be present, but with proper understanding, forgiveness may be used as a tool to overcome the struggle of forgiving another and bring us some peace. [Read more…]

Failure is an Event, Not a Person

Our guest contributor Alyshia Venus shares some strategies we should consider when we experience failure.

Experiencing failure is part of life. In fact, some say that this is necessary in order to grow wiser and stronger, as well as to become more resilient in the way we handle problems. While this is easy to remember in terms of knowledge, actually experiencing this can have a massive impact on a person’s life; so much so that they can experience depression and have lowered self-esteem as a result of the negative experience.
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Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda

Resident guest author Tim, shares this wonderful piece with us about hindsight. Do you suffer from hindsight?

I suffer from hindsight.

I suffer from the amazing clarity of knowing what I ought to have done, what I might have done differently, what would have happened if only they had acted in a certain way and how happy, contented, well respected, wealthy I could have been. [Read more…]

Hints and Tips to Understand and Move through Anxiety

Does anxiety keep knocking on the door of your life and have you tried opening the door?

When we stop trying to push back the discomfort of anxious thoughts, and open up to possibilities around where they may originate from, and what they are associating with today, we can find they become less impactful, resolving even to a manageable level. This is important for a number of reasons: [Read more…]