Is it time to quit your job?

With the new year upon us, many of us are thinking about the things we’d like to change or do differently. This is a lovely infographic taking us through the steps to decide if we need to make the drastic move of quitting our job or if we can work around any challenges we might be facing.

If you do decide it’s time for a change and would like some guidance click here.

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Overcoming Flying Anxiety: A Quick Guide

Despite us knowing that flying is the safest way to travel, we still see a rise in numbers of those who experience some form of anxiety when flying or even thinking about flying! More than a quarter of Americans get anxious and over here in the UK reports vary between 1 in 10 and 1 in 3! Whatever the numbers may be, this anxiety can limit our life experiences and hinder us when wanting to live life to the full.


Over 21 million Brits are now more scared of flying compared to 10 years ago, new research has revealed, with engine failure the biggest fear factor. The study showed that people in the UK now take an average of three flights every year. – Mail Online


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The Art and Science of Delegation

Whether in business or domestic life, when we fail to observe for opportunities to delegate, we not only hurt ourselves, we hurt our personal and professional performance. In failing to outsource or delegate, we are demonstrating a lack of trust. Over time, we almost inevitably end up identifying ourselves by our business or role – and this never ends well.

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The Importance of Team Building

Any successful manager will agree that being surrounded by a good team is something to be proud of and anyone who has been part of a good team, will say it’s very exciting and brings great satisfaction. Having a positive experience such as this is memorable and makes one feel they are making an impact.

However, as businesses continue to deal with the pressure to provide a service or product, depending upon the style of management, this pressure (which should be a positive experience) can end up causing undue stress, be extremely demoralising and affect overall wellbeing. This is shown by over 75% of the workforce saying that their “bad boss” is the worst part or the workplace. [Read more…]


As someone who’s been owned by both cats and dogs, it’s a joy to share this wonderful infographic provided by Catological reminding us of the many benefits cats bestow upon us. It has also taken me back in time to past family members, Chloe and Puss.

I can recall only too fondly, Chloe, our black cat of nearly two decades, and Puss, a rescue that was with us for less time than deserved. Despite Chloe being part of our family much longer than Puss, both have left indelible and beautiful memories, or paw prints, on our lives.

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Ways to Improve Non-Verbal Communication

As you know by now, body language and communication is a topic that I find intriguing. It’s an area that I am much aware of especially when working with my clients. So, this infographic illustrating non-verbal communication and how we can improve it, is of great interest to me.

One of the last ones on the list, Be Mindful of Your Face, is of particular interest as it says a 2012 study found that one of the first things that people notice are facial expressions. This is also an area that can affect our tendency to automatically judge one another. However… [Read more…]

Body Language: From Common Signs to Spotting Lies

I find body language fascinating! We can glean so much useful information about a person when we meet with them in person. As a counsellor, I am very much aware of the fact that we can pick up on micro-expressions of the face and learn a lot when attempting to make eye contact. However, as mentioned previously in Business Etiquette and Body Language Blunders, we do need to be aware of how we automatically judge others and situations.

When Custom Writing shared the following infographic with me about body language, I thought it was excellent as it takes this topic much further with 30 signs to watch out for and includes interesting stats and facts.

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14 Ways to Benefit from ‘Alone Time’

There are so many negative connotations when we hear the word ‘alone’. However, ‘being alone’ or ‘alone time’ can provide great benefits and contributes to our emotional wellbeing. For some time I have been a great advocate of ‘mindful walking‘ as a way to engage in some physical exercise and make space so we can reflect (maybe even allow for some problem-solving), feel the ground beneath our feet, smell the air and listen to the sounds around us – in effect ‘see’ or become aware of what is around us. It’s this awareness that leads us to give attention to ‘the present moment’ and ‘being mindful’. [Read more…]