Lockdown Cabin Fever: Life in a Pandemic

At the time of writing, much of the planet is facing a ‘second-wave’ of COVID-19. The global economy is being challenged, the poor are getting poorer, the sick, sicker, and all our perceptions of thinking we have any level of ‘control’ are being fractured. But, is the outlook really all doom and gloom?

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Online vs Face-to-Face Talking Therapy

Okay, I’m the first to openly admit my preferences for delivering psychological therapies such as counselling, psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and mindfulness training are via face-to-face collaboration from my practice, near Newmarket in Suffolk, UK. However, over the past few years there is more of a demand for my services to be made available online. [Read more…]

The Talking Cure

From the perspective of the patient, Tim talks about his experiences in finding a talking therapy – and the obstacles and challenges along the way.

I saw my first psychotherapist in around 2002. I didn’t want to, but I went anyway. I didn’t like the idea and it wasn’t unduly helpful, either. Wisely, I let the experience colour me against that individual, not the profession as a whole. It made me selective. I wondered if you might like to learn a little more about that. [Read more…]