Finding Peace – Mindfulness

This wonderful introduction to mindfulness is by guest author Ashley Davis Bush, LCSW who is a psychotherapist and author of Shortcuts to Inner Peace. 

It’s tempting to think that you need the tropical beach, the hammock by the lake, the walk in the woods, the yoga retreat or the special meditation cushion in order to feel the “ahhhhh” of inner peace. We all have certain props or places that we use to jump start that special sensation of anchored contentment. [Read more…]

Filter Messages for Your Own Peace of Mind

An interesting piece from our resident guest writer, Tim looking at what we read and our reactions.

You know it takes something that gets me angry to make me write a piece for Bob? You didn’t? Gosh! I’d better tell you that, then!

For reasons I have never quite understood, I’m a member of LinkedIn. I’ve kept the membership, probably against my better judgement, since I retired. I only joined it in the foolish, and unfounded, hope that it might prove to be career enhancing. Ah well, hope, they say, springs eternal. [Read more…]

2016 – It’s Been Emotional!

This year, last year, and all the years before have provided us experiences of pain, pleasure, and necessary neutrality. Every meaningful experience of our past will likely trigger an emotional state for this present time. However, what we make of these triggers is very much up to us.

If we judge past experiences negatively or positively, then they will quickly feel present once again – and to some degree this is inevitable. The song plays somewhere in the distant and we’re transported back to that meaningful moment with emotions in tow. What do you feel now? (then?)

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Three Places – One Time

Where to live in our mind. Past, Present… or the Future? Of course the reality is we can only really exist and live in this moment! Everything else from the past is no longer a fact, the future is created by each moment at this time, so past and future ruminations are simply thoughts – and as we know we are not our thoughts.

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Lonely Thoughts

I recall being about 14 yrs old. I was at school and whilst moving from one lesson to the next recall thinking “no one else thinks like me, my thoughts are so intense”. Of course, I was mistaken, but in that moment… and for some considerable time after, I believed I was the only one in the world; it felt really, deep and lonely!

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