1. Hey Bob,

    Read this with interest, and will be sharing to the community at SwanWaters.com, a peer-support community for survivors of non-physical abuse. inner child work is definitely something that is familiar for those of us that grew up in emotionally abusive families.

    I know that when I first learned about all this (it takes while to realise your parents are playing games with you) I also began to feel how utterly undernourished my inner child was. And even now, a couple of years down the healing path, I hear that little kid repeat the things it was told about itself, and it is not pretty.

    There is some discussion in the forum, about mindfulness as an approach to dealing with some of these issues. I think that ties is well with your remarks on looking at the world in awe. In the moment I can feel the love in my life, and with my parents far away and no longer part of my life, I am not being bullied and taken advantage of any more (other than by the tax man 😉 ) The healing path in long and winding, but so worth the trip!

    Going outside now, my inner child wants to play in the sunshine!

    Thanks and fly free,

    • Thanks you so much for the lovely feedback and the flying visit. (We love Swans!). Your comments will resonate with many, I suspect. Enjoy the Sun 🙂

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