1. Social media was a godsend when my home was my only refuge from my fear and I found it very hard to meet up with people. Facebook allowed me to connect with old friends that I wouldn’t have connected with otherwise. And social media contributed to me meeting my “tribe” through my mental health blog and eventually meeting the one person (when I thought there weren’t any) who had a similar experience to me re mental and spiritual health. I wrote more about it in a guest blog post here: http://digitalmentalhealth.co.uk/wp/my-tribe-feeling-connected-through-social-media/

    Today I feel the need to connect with people face to face. I think that kind of connection is required to grow as a human being… more so than what it takes to come up with 140 characters or something witty to get likes.

    I also think that social media has its place too in moderation. But I think to fully engage in the gift of life and embody what it means to be human, we need to protect those opportunities that facilitate the connection we can have when only in the presence of another human being.

    • Thanks so much Tricia – for dropping by and leaving your views. I completely get where you’re coming from.
      I think social media has made a positive difference to my life – and business but as you mention, in moderation.
      I sadly hear from so many clients for whom careless use of social media results in less than harmonious relationships!
      Overall though, I for one am grateful.

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