Finding Peace – Mindfulness

This wonderful introduction to mindfulness is by guest author Ashley Davis Bush, LCSW who is a psychotherapist and author of Shortcuts to Inner Peace. 

It’s tempting to think that you need the tropical beach, the hammock by the lake, the walk in the woods, the yoga retreat or the special meditation cushion in order to feel the “ahhhhh” of inner peace. We all have certain props or places that we use to jump start that special sensation of anchored contentment. [Read more…]

How the Use of Ayurveda is Beneficial

Another insightful piece by yoga teacher, Manmohan Singh introducing us to the use of Ayurveda and the benefits that can be gained from this treatment and its practices.

Ayurveda is an approach based on the consciousness of the human mind and body. Ayur means ‘life’ and veda means ‘science’. Ayurveda teaches us a way of life to have a healthy body and mind. According to Ayurveda, a healthy mind leads to a healthy body and vice versa as they are connected. Treatments are given through natural therapies and lifestyle interventions. [Read more…]

What to do if your brain is wired for negative thinking?

When I think of the changes I’ve gone through since childhood, it really does show how malleable the mind is to patterns of ways of thinking, behaviours and being. I think we can connect neural pathways to create more or less positive/negative thinking and bias. Kristin Savage covers this topical subject and provides some excellent tips on how we can deal with negative thinking. She has had a most colourful career in writing for Pick Writers as she majored in Germanic Languages, speaks German and Dutch fluently and is now studying Spanish and planning to obtain her PhD in Applied Linguistics since she is interested in how to use language processes in everyday life.

Do you frequently catch yourself thinking negative thoughts? Do you tend to see everything in the worst possible light? Do you beat yourself up over your mistakes? No one can think positively all the time, but to lead a more contented life, it’s important for us to break any negative thinking patterns we may have. [Read more…]

How Meditation Makes Senior Living Easier

As I grow older, I’m much more aware of the importance of keeping a healthy and active mind. Over the last few years, in a professional capacity, I also see the concerns of my clients as they are much more aware also. It seems we all want to know how we can reduce our chances of contracting dementia and keeping active mentally, not just physically. So, this overview from our guest Holly, of how meditation can help us, is thought provoking not only for seniors but also for those of us approaching our senior years to appreciate how living mindfully and meditating can help us build a foundation now.

Transitioning from working full time to retirement, and living in a senior home, comes with a lot of challenges, and many seniors find it very overwhelming and stressful. However, meditation is a wonderful tool that can be used to reduce some of this stress and make life easier and more comfortable. I’m going to touch on how meditating for a few minutes each day is often enough to help keep us centred and how it can help us approach our day with more focus and confidence. [Read more…]

Three Places – One Time

Where to live in our mind. Past, Present… or the Future? Of course the reality is we can only really exist and live in this moment! Everything else from the past is no longer a fact, the future is created by each moment at this time, so past and future ruminations are simply thoughts – and as we know we are not our thoughts.

[Read more…]

Reducing the Noise of Mind Chatter – Mindfully

From the very first moment we wake – to that very last moment at night – we are available, or at least our minds are, to those intrusive thoughts and ruminations, past and present… but rarely are we appreciating the only place that truly matters – the here and now – this second… in present moment awareness.

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Ruminate to Ruination

One of our greatest national pastimes reported to me by clients when booking an appointment, or in the therapy room, is ‘mind-chatter’, also known as ‘monkey-mind’.

When a busy mind consists of ruminations that have little basis on reality, and are left unchecked, we miss out on life here and now, the only place we can ever really be! [Read more…]