How Does Yoga Decrease Anxiety?

We welcome guest author Gabie Lazareff, a certified health coach, yoga teacher and freelance nutrition & wellness writer. After years of navigating the messy waters of mental health, her mission is to share her experiences and advice with others.

Through breathing, the simple practice of breathing, with intent on a regular basis can help to decrease anxiety. But how does breathing decrease anxiety? And what does breathing have to do with yoga?

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Stop selling! I wish to decide for myself.

An interesting piece by Tim, our resident guest writer taking a look at NLP.

I seem to be tripping over folk in Psychology Today at the moment. I blame Bob, because he’s highlighting articles that are worthy of our attention through his Twitter account. He showed me this piece, How To Deal With Nerves Before A Presentation and I almost like it.

“Will you never stop criticising?” I hear you yell at me!

And the answer is that I will, but in my own time. It’s just like your decision to read this piece. I’m just a smidgen critical this time, though, not angry. [Read more…]

Chronic Anxiety: The cost to health and the benefits of present moment living

The world we inhabit today is very different from that of our ancestors from hundreds of thousands of years ago. Much of the human brain has also evolved – and some has not evolved enough!

Because we have the same (or similar) primal emotions, we have a mismatch in terms of our beliefs and perceptions arising out of societal conditioning and modern living, resulting for so many of us in chronic stress and anxiety. [Read more…]

Women, Hormones and Anxiety – Top 5 Tips

Guest writer, Jane, shares her experiences with anxiety and hormones – including her top five tips for dealing with a situation that many women face.

Years ago, I watched a hospital type documentary where one of the nurses described having up to 10 ‘hot flushes’ per day and how she purposely kept her hair short as her hair would get completely soaked. It was an incredible story which has stuck in my mind to this day and can now relate to, even if not as extreme. [Read more…]