Emotionally Dysregulated? Here’s How to Reset for Good

Are you sleeping and eating well? Getting enough play and R&R time? Are your performances at work and your relationships at home all that they can be, or are you suffering from anxiety, explosive angry outbursts, or the symptoms associated with depression? Then these, among many other behaviours, are likely the result of living a life ‘emotionally dysregulated‘. So, what’s to do?  [Read more…]

Conversation – What’s Yours Like?

I often find it easy to answer just why I continue to enjoy my vocation in health and wellbeing so much. I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy being asked – and empowered to add value to others and their lives – and in doing so, embracing that sense of ‘right-doing and thinking’ and the privilege of learning so much of others – whilst growing my own personal wisdom? [Read more…]