What is Counselling and Talking Therapy?


(See also: PsychotherapyCognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness Training.)

The leap of faith

We may (understandably) feel anxious when considering counselling for ourselves. This is often made more difficult because we are likely to be in distress; we’re anxious, and may be experiencing symptoms of depression.

We all seek counsel everyday, but we may be less than aware of this. Meeting with a professional counsellor is different because he/she must listen without judgement – and remain impartial. It is this in particular that sets us apart from your partner, family member, colleague or neighbour.

Counselling covers all aspects of life, as and when appropriate. Nothing is ‘off-limits’! It will become clear to both counsellor and client if there are any areas for which value is unachievable within the collaboration.

Once the difficulties in your life have become fully understood and appreciated, and both parties have formed agreement on these, then a strategy can be formulated – with achievable goals being agreed upon.

Each and every client will receive from me, a pro-active, unique and bespoke service including the core principle of my offering an “unconditional positive regard” for you, the individual.

A sense of failure

A constraint which may cloud our judgement and delay us from seeking help is the incorrect sense of failure often associated by ourselves that we have come to this. It is perhaps worth remembering that all successful people engage with others to seek opinions, resolve challenges and move forward in whatever they are doing.

Now you can see, in reality, there is no failure in this.

Making the call or writing the email

When you write or call I will personally receive your enquiry and respond, if not immediately, usually within one to two hours during working hours .

I will avoid any judgements, and unless you wish to do otherwise, the first time we discuss the difficulties being experienced can be when we meet.

Thirty minutes free for you to decideBob Brotchie Image

If you are still uncertain, I offer new clients an initial thirty minutes of time with me, in person or when we talk, without fee or obligation.

Do look around the ‘virtual tour’ of the room and get a ‘feel’ for the environment many have benefited from to-date. Do also take a moment to read what those who have taken that leap of faith have said of our work together.

Thank you for reading, I look forward to the honour of working with – and for you.

Call or write NOW to begin your therapy – to change your life.

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 Bob Brotchie  (MD)

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