Online Counselling and CBT

We, at Anglia Counselling, are taking the appropriate measures to ensure we comply with the request for us to ‘stay alert’ due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). As this is an unprecedented and ever evolving situation, Bob Brotchie is pleased to be able to provide a limited number of meetings throughout the week whilst maintaining the necessary precautions around ‘distancing’ and hygiene during and after client meetings.

We will also continue to offer our services to new and existing clients via various online mediums. This includes our bespoke services to include one-off sessions as well as a series of sessions. If you have any questions, please contact Bob Brotchie who will be happy to help.

Please note that if any client (or anyone they live with) are at risk from developing any C-19 symptoms, they must cancel and reschedule, as client meetings will not proceed if any doubt remains.

If you’re in a crisis or overwhelmed by anxiety and depression, it can feel like a dark cloud is hanging over you. Instead of seeing the way ahead, you stumble along hoping things will improve. Starting today, you don’t have to muddle through life anymore – not knowing where to turn. Imagine…

  • having the courage to speak up
  • recognising unhealthy relationships such as those involving narcissism
  • feeling calmer, relaxed, in control and being more able to make positive, mindful decisions
  • being more focused, energised and living a more accepting life
  • no more sleepless nights worrying yourself into the ground
  • no more toughing-it-out alone and putting on a brave face

With our support, you can learn how to manage whatever is now troubling you, discover new choices and move forward in life.

Live the life you want!

We understand how daunting it feels to open up to someone new. Rest assured, at Anglia Counselling, you will meet someone who’s on your side. You can meet us (virtually) right now!

I’m not your ‘usual’ therapist. I’m not a cold academic, and I’m not into long uncomfortable silences. When you work with me, I am in your corner, offering warm, unconditional support and practical strategies that will transform your life.

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Combining warm, friendly counsel with problem-solving tools to help you move successfully through times of overwhelm and anxiety and into a brighter, more peaceful existence. I’m on your side and would be honoured to support you!

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Whatever the problem, we’ll face it together!

Our therapy rooms, located in the heart of rural East Anglia, are a lovely and quiet space to meet. As well as parents, we can meet with children (aged 8+) and young adults.

Private individuals, and troubled souls alike, seek help for many reasons, including anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, phobias, family or work relationship issues, relationships affected by narcissistic behaviours, negative thoughts or behaviours and childhood emotional neglect.

Start YOUR life-changing journey today… because, getting help to heal buried hurt, and make peace with the past, will be the best decision you ever made. Inner peace can be yours – let us show you how!