How the Use of Ayurveda is Beneficial

Another insightful piece by yoga teacher, Manmohan Singh introducing us to the use of Ayurveda and the benefits that can be gained from this treatment and its practices.

Ayurveda is an approach based on the consciousness of the human mind and body. Ayur means ‘life’ and veda means ‘science’. Ayurveda teaches us a way of life to have a healthy body and mind. According to Ayurveda, a healthy mind leads to a healthy body and vice versa as they are connected. Treatments are given through natural therapies and lifestyle interventions.

According to Ayurveda, the human body is made up of three doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. These doshas are responsible for individual human nature and regulate their physiological processes. When our doshas are not in balance, it often leads to disease, infections, stress and anxiety. So, it is important to keep our doshas balanced in order to maintain a healthy and happy life.

Healthy Body Weight

A healthy diet and modification in our lifestyle, through Ayurvedic treatment, will help shed excess body fat. Our lifestyle has a great impact on our weight. The body will go through detox as it adopts healthy food habits which will aid in toning of the body. A practitioner will be able to determine the best diet for us according to our dosha type.

Healthy Skin and Hair

We can achieve healthy skin and hair without spending too much money by simply following Ayurvedic diet. The diet includes more high-antioxidant foods, herbs, teas, vegetables, protein, and healthy fats. Healthier hair and skin can be achieved by having a balanced meal, yoga, and Ayurvedic supplements. A professional can suggest our dietary guidelines by considering our dosha type, medical history, customs, and traditions.

Stress-Free Sleep

Our body rejuvenates when we get the proper sleep. Cells in the body work to strengthen the immune system and aids vibrant energy within the body. By avoiding late nights, watching TV and use of smartphones before we sleep can improve our quality of sleep. Taking a warm bath before sleeping will relax the body and help in falling asleep faster.

A Balanced Diet

Eating a balanced diet and homemade food with salads, will fulfil all our nutritional requirements. This includes seasonal fruits along with curd that promotes proper digestion. We should avoid canned, frozen, processed and packaged food as these are harder to digest and produce toxins in our body. Our diet should be lighter in the summer and during the winter months include vegetable soups.

Practising Yoga

We are in an era where we cannot fully avoid negative stress. However, we can find ways to reduce it and adopt a routine to be stress-free. Yoga improves the quality of life and teaches us how to manage the outer part by managing the inner self. Some of the benefits of yoga are reduction in stress, improvement in strength, flexibility and increased immunity. It also helps in reducing or eliminating the risk of depression, anxiety and heart disease. It helps to improve our overall wellbeing. If you are interested in becoming a yoga teacher, you can explore options in Yoga Retreats Nepal.

Stopping the Mind Chatter

Meditation helps to train our mind to alleviate or stop mind chatter (also known as Monkey Mind). It helps in relaxing our nerves and promotes overall wellbeing. It also lowers high blood pressure, improves the immune system, increases energy levels and concentration. It decreases stress and anxiety, improves emotional stability and increases mindfulness.

Reduction in Inflammation

Unhealthy diet and eating habits, insufficient sleep, irregular sleep patterns, and bad digestion can be some of the causes of inflammation. Inflammation can be the root cause of neurological diseases, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and many other ailments. The digestive system begins to strengthen as we start eating according to our dosha type. This will result in increased vitality, high energy, and decrease in lethargy and mood swings. Ayurvedic treatments are greatly known for cancer prevention as well.

Cleansing the Body

Panchakarma is a practice in Ayurveda to eliminate body toxins through enemas, oil massages, bloodletting, purgation, and other oral administration. This allows the elimination of toxins that interfere with efficient bodily functions. Our overall health will improve by cleansing the body. Suitable home remedies used in Ayurvedic herbal medicines are cumin, cardamom, fennel, and ginger which help in curing indigestion and prevent bloating. Ayurveda courses in Kerala are quite popular with people from across the world attending these courses to adapt a healthy lifestyle.

Lowering Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

According to researchers, Ayurvedic diets and relaxation techniques help in reducing plaque build-up. Plaque results due to the formation of cholesterol and fats in the inner lining of the arteries. This is the root cause of heart attacks and strokes. Ayurvedic herbs and essential oils help in increasing blood flow, improve blood circulation, and draws out toxins from the body through the skin.

Improving Our Quality of Life

Ayurveda is a choice of lifestyle which improves overall wellbeing when adapted completely. Exercising, eating nutritious food, adequate sun exposure and improved emotional wellbeing helps to cleanse the body, mind and spirit. Ayurveda helps in reclaiming our health with a balanced diet, proper sleeping patterns, home remedies, daily routines, yoga, and exercise patterns. It improves digestion and immunity.


Some of the basic principles of Ayurveda include not skipping breakfast, eating a light dinner, avoiding sleeping and waking up late, drinking lots of water, consuming organic food, avoiding smoking and alcohol and maintaining an active lifestyle.


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