Is social media truly bad for your health?

For many years I have been a great advocate for social media, technology and innovation I have encouraged embracing the advances available to us. However, I have also personally experienced the pressures that can come with it and highlighted the need for taking a break from technology – trying to maintain balance which seems, at times, almost unachievable.

This wonderful piece by John Stuart, on behalf of the The Worsley Centre, who offer counselling and psychotherapy sessions for couples, individuals and groups in the Greater Manchester area, discusses the pros and cons in a most enlightening way.

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Finding Alignment in Your Relationships

I have pleasure sharing another wonderful guest piece, kindly provided by the terrific Danielle Pierre; a friend from the US introduced to Anglia Counselling by Sonya of the LeanOnUs community #LOU. Danielle is a certified life coach, hypnotherapist, author and co-hosted D-Talks Radio with Denise Brown.

A Work in Progress

Building and maintaining a healthy relationship is an ongoing work in progress. In our world of social networking, it can become even more challenging not to fall into the trap of online illusion and fantasy. Online access and instant gratification have become the new norm and although it may have its pros, it also has its cons, especially when it comes to creating and maintaining healthy relationships. In this world of instant change, many relationships and marriages have fallen to the wayside only to find the grass was not as green on the other side as they had first imagined. [Read more…]