Why War and Conflict are False ‘Causes’

Who is ‘right’ and who is ‘wrong’ and why will people go to any level to demonstrate a viewpoint?

We have seen this behaviour across the millennia of course; hardly new!

Attempts to stamp our authority on ‘our’ standpoints relating to ‘our’ religion, ‘our’ land (and the resources of Oil, etc.), ‘our’ leaders – down to less insidious – but at a local level still harmful behaviours around domestic issues in the home and within the family; with ‘our’ team, ‘our’ political party, ‘our’ place in the queue!

What is really ‘ours’, anyway?


That people fight for so long it is all they know, is a tragedy in itself.


Is it that we fear we will lose something if we come to accept another’s viewpoint?

For this to become acceptable it would be necessary for the ‘other side’ to also agree that peace and a shared appreciation for faith ideology, land, resources and politics are productive, healthy – and a choice! If only all those who fight could feel less fear.


Remove the false ‘ego’ and we can all begin to understand the truth. No one is any less or more worthy than another. We will all exist – then die!


Remove the ego – and find compassion for the opposing view. Never about being ‘rolled over’, but using reason and compassion we can collaborate for peace. For this to remain sustainable however, decades are required to remove the culture of expectation and habit that say’s to our subconscious – “You must fight for your cause!”

For the rest of us, if we are finding ourselves dreading the next ‘news item’ on TV, radio or in the press, consider this… Do we need to have this reporting in our every waking minute of our lives?

Then I recommend ‘news-fasting’!

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