Online Guidance for YOU

There are many reasons why individuals fail to receive the counsel and guidance they so often desperately need and want:

  • anxiety
  • stigma
  • distance to therapist
  • disability
  • time constraints

The majority of individuals I conduct sessions with are in-person, and this has always been a preference. However, things are changing! The clients I work with via online mediums, or telephone, demonstrate a very similar level of successful outcomes as those I see in person. This success has encouraged me to offer the very latest and most secure, reliable online service via the portal Plus Guidance.

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Advantages of Using Plus Guidance

How is this platform better than, say, Skype?

Skype has been helpful but does suffer from bandwidth issues and loss of communications at highly inappropriate and sensitive points during a meeting. In terms of that all important confidentiality, Skype also has some potential concerns, in that, data transmitted can be held and stored by Skype – as a condition of use!

With Plus Guidance, information remains secure – anonymity is available, and no one but you and the therapist has access to what has been discussed and shared.

Payments are processed by Plus Guidance – which means that the client, who has bought credits, can be secure in the knowledge that if the appointment did not meet expectations, the session fee won’t be received by the therapist.

Various options to communicate are also available via Plus Guidance – video call sessions, voice call sessions,  instant messaging sessions, email (known as long message) sessions and in-person (face-to-face) sessions.

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What is required to use the Plus Guidance service?  

To maintain the security, and full functionality, Google Chrome internet browser is required.

Free Sessions

Free introductory and trial sessions are available, without obligation.

How to Find Me

Click here to find me – and if you wish to e-meet, drop me a line for your own personal invitation – where you’re even able to choose your own booking!

Still unsure?

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