1. It seems that you missed one; touch. I was shown this, by coincidence this morning:


    It seems to me that two folk are in the wrong here, the one speaking first invades the other ones space [number 13] dramatically, and the one whose space is invaded reacts… oddly. A simple request would have done. It is assuredly ‘getting too close’, and appears to be an attempt to dominate, using touch.

    The video shows an extreme body language blunder that provokes a very strange reaction.

    Or was it a blunder? Might it have been a tactic that failed?

    By the way, that space of one and a half feet differs from culture to culture. Some cultures have a larger and others a smaller distance. Imagine “A” whose culture is for a foot, and “B” whose culture of for two feet. B will step ways. A can drive B around the room by following at A’s cultural distance because B needs to be her cultural distance away, and all without understanding what is taking place, and all in a deep and polite, even happy, conversation.

    Does the personal space ‘requirement’ differ when one of the people is male and the other female?

    • Robert Brotchie

      Very good observations, as ever, Tim – thank you.
      I think with different genders the ‘power’ games can be even more obvious in my experience.

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