1. I love your writing. I don’t know if we ever do things ‘right’, we just do the best we can. Sometimes it produces a good result, sometimes not. We have two grown daughters. They are intelligent, hard working, fun loving and both are enjoying long term relationships. All this despite of and because of our best efforts at parenting, during which we made many mistakes. I sometimes still feel I owe them a lot of apologies. Sometimes I feel they are owed a giant thank you…for growing me up. I think they raised me more than I raised them.

    • It’s odd how much we learn from our children, isn’t it? Eventually my mother learnt from her son, me, about the way she approached my childhood, and screwed it up completely. My father died before I had grown up sufficiently to be able to talk to him. I made my peace with my mother before she died, and long enough for her to be content. I found I loved her, but never liked her.

      Jenny, I am more happy than I can say that you have commented, and not just because you like the way I write. Thank you.

      Those apologies that you feel you may owe your daughters… It cannot hurt to make them. They will learn more about you and you will learn more about them. And the giant thank you, that is the same. Do both as often as you think they are needed.

      Have you thought about putting fingers to keyboard and trying a piece for Bob’s Blog? I can see that you can write, just from the comment.

      • I’m happy you made peace with your parents. And thank you for your advice about apologies and thank-you’s. I love writing. I blog from time to time, published a short book, and once wrote a short piece for Bob. Haven’t done much writing lately, but other commitments are winding down and space is opening up as the winter sets in. There will be more writing. 🙂

        • Well, I only made peace with one of them. I loved them both, but I found I neither liked them nor respected them much. They drove me to fear, despair and huge anger.

          Yet my father was a troubled man; one of my other pieces shows his history. I am proud of what he achieved and know his thinking was deeply affected by the Anschluss and the Holocaust. Yet he failed me when I was a child and needed his support.

          Advice is a strange thing; easy to give, to should be considered and then accepted or rejected with a good heart.

          Advice can catalyse an entirely different decision.

          Writing is fun. I write for Bob when I am angry with something.

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