The Impact of Poor Sleep

The impact of poor sleep on our health and wellbeing is significant and far-reaching. When we’re unable to  get enough quality sleep, it can lead to physical, mental and emotional problems. Here are a few of the ways poor sleep can affect us, and some tips to help us alleviate poor sleep-quality: [Read more…]

Are You Skipping Your Zzzs?

Here is how sleep affects fitness… Health professionals report that chronic insomnia and other sleep disorders are associated with increased sedentary activity. Less sleep can shorten your workouts by time and effort over two weeks.

Restorative sleep has the opposite impact of disrupted sleep, which can lead to increased daily weariness and physical lethargy. A good night’s sleep makes for a more energized and productive day, and you may have seen this effect after a particularly restful sleep cycle. [Read more…]