Toxic Relationships and the Importance of Boundaries

Toxic relationships are harmful and destructive connections between individuals that can negatively impact one’s physical and emotional well-being. Relationships without boundaries are characterised by a lack of respect, control, and manipulation.

Part I

In a toxic relationship without boundaries, the partners may engage in behaviours such as constant criticism, *gaslighting, or even physical abuse. There may also be a power dynamic in which one person attempts to control the actions, thoughts, or decisions of the other. [Read more…]

Codependency and What it Can Mean for Us

A guest article, by Sonia Tagliareni – a writer and researcher for DrugRehab and who is passionate about helping people, started her professional writing career in 2012 and has since written for the finance, engineering, lifestyle and entertainment industry. Sonia also holds a bachelor’s degree from the Florida Institute of Technology. Today we focus on the most commonly understood phenomenon of codependency in a relationship where one of the partners may be challenged with substance addiction. It is worth maintaining an open mind, however, if you have a challenging relationship. Codependency is also highly observable in relationships outside of addiction!


Codependency, an emotional and behavioral condition that often afflicts the family members of a substance abuser, occurs when a person cannot function in a healthy manner without another. The codependent individual becomes obsessed with their family member’s substance use disorder and allows the disease to take over their lives. [Read more…]

The Effects of Bullying: A Lifelong Legacy?

In client collaborations around psychological distress,  one cause is often attributable to the experience of bullying in the person’s earlier life. I have seen the effects from age 11 to over 60. I ask, is it inevitable that the residual, harmful effects of abusive events must define our present moment – and therefore our future?

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5 Signs Your Loved One Has a Drug Problem

Drug addiction can be a tough topic to address. This is particularly difficult if you feel that your loved ones may be suffering from a certain type of addiction. Guest author, Tess Young, is a freelance writer and blogger and her writing covers a wide range of different topics. She also writes for Pyramid Healthcare on topics such as alcohol and drug treatment programs.

Drug issues can happen to anyone, and contrary to popular belief it is not just illegal drugs that are causing this. Addiction to prescription medication is also an issue. Drugs can end up being both psychologically and chemically addictive, and addiction can end up governing a person’s entire life. As a result, it is a good idea to check for the signs that may indicate a dependency problem. Some of these signs are quite difficult to pick up, but by looking closely you may be able to find out what the issue is so that you can get it sorted as soon as possible. [Read more…]