Alcohol Addiction and Short v Long-Term Supports

A short informational piece from our guest author at the AbbeyCare Foundation Group


When alcohol use has developed into more than an occasional indulgence, it’s usually a sign of underlying psychological issues that need to be addressed. Establishing the pattern behind addiction, and what alcohol consumption is doing “for” you, can help identify the underlying beliefs and trauma that may need resolution.

However, some people in longer-term addiction recovery, have already been through rehab or treatment, and have existing supports in place, but need more help “in the moment” when feeling re-triggered, by an old issue. We all feel like this sometimes. At these moments, deterrents and disincentives can serve as useful reminders of reasons to find a better solution than alcohol, to a current problem.

Abbeycare have developed a simple interactive tool that describes in detail the consequences of regular misuse. Results are tailored to your personal intake:

The Alcohol Demotivator Tool – Get Demotivated!

It’s easy, just enter your daily alcohol consumption, and the tool will quickly give illustrations of the impact on your health, likelihood of accidents, and future bank balance! Again, tools like this have their place in the toolkit for addiction issues, but they’re not a substitute for personalised help to address the issues behind the coping mechanism.

If you have a loved one with alcohol or substance misuse and need help, get in touch directly on 01638 554 791 for guidance on your specific needs. If you require assessment and potential rehab, please contact AbbeyCare.

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