You Are as Worthy as You Choose to Be!

A trait most commonly observed in the therapy room is low self-esteem. As a professional ‘observer’, I also see this in the wider world too. Celebrities, wealthy individuals and those who to the untrained eye, “have it all” are actually often seen to be in great distress. I have never been a celebrity or had the burden of wealth, but I too was one who others shared their thoughts – “I wish I could be in his shoes!”

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Great Expectations

What do you expect out of others, yourself, and life? Many personal frustrations demonstrated by clients are with people not meeting ‘their’ expectations. This may be unrecognised initially but when the question is considered, it can provide for that eureka moment.

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Under the Influence

Under the influence of… positive or negative?

Clearly our life and the experiences we realise are a mixture, and hopefully a balance of the two influences. Just as with happiness and sadness, without both in our lives we could not recognise one from another. [Read more…]