Pain is Inevitable – Suffering is Optional

This quote, “Pain is Inevitable – Suffering is Optional”, is not easy to attribute to the originator, but some think it may derive from Buddhist traditional philosophy, and it certainly fits, regardless. The quote, and what it can mean, is also one of the most powerful metaphors to be heard and explored in the therapy room. This short post explores for you the reader, some of its potency. [Read more…]

Living with Chronic Pain – Series

‘Living with Chronic Pain’ is the second in the “Living with…” series – from authors on behalf of Anglia Counselling – sharing their personal insight managing a life with chronic illness. It’s inspirational and poignant and will help the reader gain a real perspective and understanding of what living with pain and illness can be about. After reading and reflecting on the authors short stories, you will be able to consider, among others, the areas below. [Read more…]