Pain is Inevitable – Suffering is Optional

This quote, “Pain is Inevitable – Suffering is Optional”, is not easy to attribute to the originator, but some think it may derive from Buddhist traditional philosophy, and it certainly fits, regardless. The quote, and what it can mean, is also one of the most powerful metaphors to be heard and explored in the therapy room. This short post explores for you the reader, some of its potency. [Read more…]

MiCBT – Mindfulness integrated CBT

This is a wonderful therapy model bringing together the power of Mindfulness, integrated with the more widely recognised principles of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

Having recently completed a level five diploma in CBT – and having been a practitioner of mindfulness for some years offering both to appropriate clients in my private practice, MiCBT appears to be a collaboration of some significance for those wishing to embrace them together, whether as a therapist or recipient.

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