Practical Ways to Battle a Fear of Flying

We welcome back guest author Gemma Luton who is a freelance writer. In this article, Gemma discussed the fear of flying and gives some practical suggestions on how we can deal with this fear.

Sometimes, all the best advice and information shared with us by family and friends about how safe flying actually is, doesn’t help. It doesn’t stop our palms from sweating, or our worst fears from running through our mind. It doesn’t stop us from hyperventilating when panic strikes or make the process of flying any easier. [Read more…]

Relaxing Fearful Perspectives of Terror in the World

Just a few weeks after a horrific incident on Westminster Bridge in London, we faced further sadness when a bomb went off just after Ariana Grande’s concert at the Manchester Arena. Whilst all terror attacks are horrific and saddening, this one is particularly heartbreaking as this seems to be affecting our younger generation more so when they heard of the children and teens (particularly) who were caught in this terror. [Read more…]


Our imaginations change as we move through our lives… as a child, we were able to experience positive imaginations, fantasising about who we were, what we could do… the possibilities appeared endless. We know we also had less helpful, though ‘normal’ thoughts leaving us frightened! [Read more…]

Do I Need Counselling?

‘Need’? Well, not exactly necessary for some. Nice to have perhaps? A requirement for others? For sure!

For those who are unsure, the benefits can be found without waiting to be emotionally or mentally overwhelmed. Yet most do exactly that!

You can benefit from counselling guidance and coaching regardless of your emotional stability at any given time. To be listened to, in a private and confidential setting, by someone who is impartial, yet skilled as a professional listener (it’s harder than you think to really listen!) and who will leave judgements outside of your session opens up all kinds of possibilities to unpack and discover a journey into the real you and, if something in your life can be improved upon, to provide a strategy for this.

[Read more…]