Business Etiquette and Body Language Blunders

When we meet with someone in person, most of our senses are involved and when we are aware of another’s body language we can pick up on micro-expressions of the face and make eye contact which can provide us with a huge amount of useful information. However, the downside of of meeting anyone for the the first time especially, is that we automatically make judgements.


We all automatically judge and it’s one of the automatisms we contend with daily; we judge others, situations/events and ourselves. By judging we often create an immediate conflict or struggle. – Judgement from ‘Your Mindful Journey’


Even though it can aid our own emotional stability when we are mindful of our automatic response to judge others, by being aware of using our body language skills to help us with business etiquette can provide us with great insight. On the other hand when conducting business with others, like when attending for interview or in a business meeting, are we consciously aware of our own body language blunders? [Read more…]

Understanding the Narcissist

The subject of narcissism regularly emerges when discussing abuse, childhood emotional neglect (CEN) and negative relationships both domestically and outside the home. I find it also emerges in casual conversations I have with others – and many are not aware of the term ‘narcissism’ and how it relates to them personally.

Of course, not all narcissism is unhealthy, but there is definitely more awareness now than in previous years, and you have likely seen many articles posted on social media about narcissism as an unhealthy personality trait. But how does this relate to us personally? Are these articles just talking about domestic and emotional abusers? [Read more…]

How Teens Can Fight Cyberbullying!

Almost 4 years ago, I wrote a piece about the effects of bullying because when I’m meeting and working with those who are psychologically distressed, I found one cause can frequently be attributed to the experience of being bullied in their early years. So, I asked if this is A Lifelong Legacy? especially as I have seen the effects from the ages 11 to over 60.

Sadly, even with all the awareness raised about bullying, this subject is still of great concern. We still see some concerning statistics that 43% of teens report that they have been bullied and that 90% of those who witness cyber bullying ignore it. [Read more…]

Healthy Ways to Reach Forgiveness

A topic that will resonate with us all – forgiveness. Cindy Rollins is passionate about both physical fitness and mental wellbeing and shares her thoughts with us on how to overcome the obstacles of being able to forgive.

Forgiveness is a process in which one faces an event of the past, acknowledging the mistake made, and moving on. This is not an overnight process and may vary greatly from person to person. Sometimes we can hold a grudge for years and barriers may still be present, but with proper understanding, forgiveness may be used as a tool to overcome the struggle of forgiving another and bring us some peace. [Read more…]

Fidget Spinners, Stimming, and Anxiety: What’s the Big Deal?

We welcome back guest author Gemma Luton who is raising awareness of a device that gained in considerable popularity this year – fidget spinners! Gemma discusses the ‘gadget’, stimming and how it can aid those with anxiety.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, it’s likely that you’ve heard of ‘fidget spinners’. You may have read a story about them in the paper. You may have seen them dancing in small fingers wherever children gather. You may even use one yourself. These small, twirly devices have become a major craze – to the frustration of several school teachers, and more than a few parents – however, what makes these toys slightly more controversial than the average childhood must-have is the fact that manufacturers claim they can help children to cope with ADHD, anxiety, autism, and a number of other such issues.

So, what’s the real story behind this? [Read more…]

Depression in the UK

We welcome guest author, Maureen Sanford, who shares an informative guide on depression and mental health specifically relating to the UK. Especially interesting to note are the ‘gender divide’ and how our younger generation is affected by mental health issues. Like Maureen, raising awareness of a subject that is often misunderstood (even by those to whom we are close) is very close to my heart – not only as I see this in my role as a counsellor but as previously in my experience of 18 years as a paramedic.

Although one in six people experience a common mental health problem every week, issues are often misunderstood and people can feel isolated. The triggers can be varied, and affect people from all walks of life. Overwhelming stress at work, school or home, constant money problems, the loss of a social support system and a family history of mood disorders are among the causes. [Read more…]

What is masculinity? Or, What is a boy?

This week’s guest contributor, Tim, writes eloquently about the impact of gender and discrimination; inviting us to think about “societal norms”.

What is masculinity? Or, what is a boy?

If we go simply by genitalia, the answer is clear. So, it seems, if we listen to the head of the Roman Catholic Church, peddlers of original sin, purgatory and the sale of Indulgences, is religion. Boy’s genitals, you are a boy, Girl’s? You are a girl.

It ain’t necessarily so.

If we go by toys, well, frankly, give me a break. Boys and girls have teddy bears (dolls), boys have (had?) Action Man (dolls), girls have dolls.

Ok, that fails. [Read more…]

Three Places – One Time

Where to live in our mind. Past, Present… or the Future?

Of course the reality is we can only really exist and live in this moment! Everything else from the past is no longer a fact, the future is created by each moment at this time, so past and future ruminations are simply thoughts – and as we know we are not our thoughts.

[Read more…]