How Teens Can Fight Cyberbullying!

Almost 4 years ago, I wrote a piece about the effects of bullying because when I’m meeting and working with those who are psychologically distressed, I found one cause can frequently be attributed to the experience of being bullied in their early years. So, I asked if this is A Lifelong Legacy? especially as I have seen the effects from the ages 11 to over 60.

Sadly, even with all the awareness raised about bullying, this subject is still of great concern. We still see some concerning statistics that 43% of teens report that they have been bullied and that 90% of those who witness cyber bullying ignore it. [Read more…]

Online Safety Advice for Our Children

We are in the midst of a new paradigm with our responsibilities for our children and their welfare. The ability to ‘be online’ brings many benefits for learning – and a different kind of connectedness.

And with these responsibilities comes a need to encourage a balance of exposure and use.

As parents, we are no different from kids in some respects! We too, especially in ‘our’ busy, connected lives will also look towards paths of least resistance. Perhaps this can lead to a sense of relief having a 21st-century ‘soother’ to placate our kids while we relax/work or other? [Read more…]