1. Trish Hurtubise

    Really interesting article, Bob. I don’t have children but I have noticed that my friend’s children are experiencing this paradigm shift and the ramifications. But even in myself, who has a hard time with intimacy and connection because of past wounds that now impact my beliefs (which I’m working on of course!), it takes considerable effort to go beyond the comfort I find in social media to make those connections face to face. I’m also an extreme introvert and prefer the hermit lifestyle. But as you said, we are wired to be part of communities, because we are social animals and because it is known in our most primal being that community makes a safe as our ancestors found safety in numbers being part of a tribe. So I push myself to “get out there”. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and so cool that you have different generation of sons who help to give you insight on this matter.

    • With or without children, Trish, your insights are always a joy to read.
      Me too, and I know many readers, are introverts also. I get comfortable with my personal ‘me’ persona engaging online only. It is after a social event however that the sense of belonging and validity pinches the consciousness, and I feel ever so alive.
      Bit more of a nuisance really!

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