1. Robert A. Martinez, Ed.D.

    Hi Bob,
    I’ve been blogging for a whole two months, and my writing centers on issues of resiliency, education, and the importance for all educators to understand their importance in creating environments for all students to “Grow in Peace!” In one of my blogs I have added a Youtube video that I created to discuss an idea called, “Transformational Resiliency.” I briefly touch upon some of my adolescent struggles, which were mitigated by resiliency. I’d love to share my story in your blog.

    • Thank you Robert, I think myself and the readers would enjoy that. Do you want this to be a standalone blog post, or part of the “Living with…” series I’m creating?.

  2. Tim

    May I make a request, please?

    I feel it would encourage more of us to write pieces for the project if you felt able to publish a page with, say, a tentative schedule made up from pieces promised or received. People are often inspired to write by knowing that others have written. I am inspired, sometimes, by seeing that someone else has covered a topic, because, being me, I just know I can do it better, even if I’m sadly mistaken!

    • A reasonable suggestion, Tim.
      The project topics are significant in numbers and as such, I promote in advance as interest grows and authors make themselves known. Somewhat chicken and egg but I have written a number of posts promoting the theme – and prior to the inaugural “living with” project around Bipolar.
      By nature, a number of promises will remain unfulfilled and this makes promotion and scheduling – in advance quite challenging.
      I do commit to the idea, Tim, thank you.

      • Tim

        It is possible, but not certain, that the unfulfilled requests will become fewer if a tentative, and I do mean tentative, schedule is published. The trivial pressure of seeing your scheduled article up in lights in advance may be the spur needed to deliver it.

        However, I was thinking only of submitted and accepted pieces when I posted my thought.

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