1. Tim

    I saw Bob’s invitation on Twitter. He invited us all to tell others about something important to us. I accepted his invitation and got to know a little of quite a remarkable man during email exchanges about the piece I was writing. He’s not ‘my’ therapist. He and I are separated by several counties interspersed between us. I am seeing another therapist relatively local to me.

    He’s accepted my piece. That’s great, but the value of the piece to me was the writing of it. I hope, when it drops onto your electronic doormat as part of his schedule, that you find it of some value, too.

    Only Bob knows how many folk have accepted his invitation. I hope there are loads and loads, just because of what happened for me when I wrote mine. I understood more of the issues that I have created to imprison myself in my manufactured world of pain. One day I will be able to leave the door to it open.

    So please join me. Let’s discover together the value of writing, however well, however haltingly, and let’s learn more about each other by reading other people’s pieces.

    • Thanks for your candour and support, Tim. It IS individuals such as you and other contributors who are bit-by-bit raising levels of education and awareness.

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