Stress: ‘Controlling’ Stress Hormones

I enjoy sharing content that provides international perspectives. This article from Dr Jim Manganiello is an excellent piece that focuses on the challenges in the US – and which are highly relevant in most areas! Dr Manganiello is a clinical psychologist and diplomate-level medical psychotherapist based in Groveland and West Boxford. He is also an author and teacher focusing on stress, personal growth, meditation and “inner fitness.” His book “Unshakable Certainty” is available on Amazon.

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Counselling: Who is it for and what can I expect?

I decided to write a short series, partly in response to a recent query from concerned friends and relatives of someone who could really benefit from that which counselling therapy can provide and who is struggling to reconcile ‘himself’ with the possibility; and also for general consumption in an attempt to clarify the practice and to help reduce any stigma that might be attached. [Read more…]

Counselling: Dispelling the Myths

If I need counselling, I must be in real trouble; I must have failed in some way.

If you recognise and find courage to consider counselling, whether for emotional ‘niggles’ or for something you feel is more serious, this is a success in your life. A failure might be considered if you continued to neglect seeking to resolve a problem that leaves you feeling ‘less than’. [Read more…]