Divorced at 40 and Loving Life

I’m pleased to share this observational commentary relating to divorced women – now coined as ‘Sindies’! Our guest author, Muna Saleem is an associate solicitor with Family Law Firm, Crisp & Co and an accredited member of the Law Society’s Family Law Panel. She practices in all areas of private family law including divorce and financial remedy applications, financial settlements, cohabitee disputes, as well as children matters such as Child Arrangement Orders and international relocation applications. Do read, share and leave your comments on what may be a contentious piece. [Read more…]

Seems the kids are getting divorced – and it’s all their fault!

When parents divorce, as has seemingly become ‘the norm’ in today’s society, we all know our children will feel the fallout too. As I write this article, it is from a number of angles; as a former child of parents who divorced, as a parent who divorced, and as a therapist helping members of families whose domestic unit has been, or is, ‘deconstructing’. [Read more…]

The Rise of Divorce and the Single Parent Family

Reviewing some of the demographics for couples and individuals who presented for relationship advice, and for their individual emotional and mental health conditions; research shows that in the UK, in 2012 there were a recorded two million single parents, up four hundred thousand from 1996. [Read more…]

Festive Season Sees Increase in Family Breakup and Divorce

Mediation and counselling, when used together, can provide solutions for a less bitter and more harmonious future for all those affected by the trauma of relationship and family breakup.

The Pain of Family Breakup

“When the family is in pain and suffers the emotional turbulence associated with family separation and divorce, it is possible to do more to offset at least some of the emotional trauma for those affected.”
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