Snarl or Smile?

I’ve spent many years behind the wheel of one vehicle or another, maybe you have too? When I’m behind the wheel, less so when walking, I catch myself smiling at people and behaviours… or snarling… because I’ve made a snap (mindless) judgement about a person or behaviour. Why is this?  [Read more…]

Selective Connectedness

It’s New Year’s Eve 2012, and like many, I find myself musing over the last twelve months. I’m lucky that nowadays I have learned to celebrate with a brief reflection, that which deserves celebration, and just as briefly remind myself of that which I have learned from less pleasant, but no less important and even welcome stuff.

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Lonely Thoughts

I recall being about 14 yrs old. I was at school and whilst moving from one lesson to the next recall thinking “no one else thinks like me, my thoughts are so intense”.

Of course, I was mistaken, but in that moment… and for some considerable time after, I believed I was the only one in the world; it felt really, deep and lonely! [Read more…]


Our imaginations change as we move through our lives… as a child, we were able to experience positive imaginations, fantasising about who we were, what we could do… the possibilities appeared endless. We know we also had less helpful, though ‘normal’ thoughts leaving us frightened! [Read more…]

The Entrepreneur

“Philip” gets up every morning determined to do all the things he promised himself he’d do yesterday and ends most days frustrated and fed up because he’s not making any progress. Phil’s wife has a stressful job and sometimes needs a lot of support; their one year old son is just like most babies and, rewarding though it is, takes a lot of time and energy. [Read more…]