Depression in the UK

We welcome guest author, Maureen Sanford, who shares an informative guide on depression and mental health specifically relating to the UK. Especially interesting to note are the ‘gender divide’ and how our younger generation is affected by mental health issues. Like Maureen, raising awareness of a subject that is often misunderstood (even by those to whom we are close) is very close to my heart – not only as I see this in my role as a counsellor but as previously in my experience of 18 years as a paramedic.

Although one in six people experience a common mental health problem every week, issues are often misunderstood and people can feel isolated. The triggers can be varied, and affect people from all walks of life. Overwhelming stress at work, school or home, constant money problems, the loss of a social support system and a family history of mood disorders are among the causes. [Read more…]

Choose to Come out on Fire from the Hells of Anxiety

Guest author, Herbert, is a creative writer at Greatpaper. He values the importance of family towards his craft, and travels to give his writing a fresher perspective. He is fond of hiking, biking, and engaging in extreme sports. This week Herbert is sharing in our continued discussion on the subject of anxiety and his relapse with GAD. [Read more…]

How to Sleep Well for a Longer Life

Are you getting a regular, good night’s sleep?

Having spent almost two decades working 24/7 shifts, I understand only too well the impact this has on our health, relationships and our productivity in the workplace.  I also, wrote about this subject a few years ago as insufficient sleep is viewed as a common contributory factor for those suffering prolonged periods of depression, anxiety and relationship problems, including parenting. [Read more…]

Living with Anxiety – Day 4

Catherine provides a young voice and a touching account as our wonderful guest author for Day 4 of this week long series. She is courageous in sharing her story and I found when reading this account, whilst preparing it for publication, a number of thoughts and emotions. I felt incredible compassion but also a sense of hope – that with the determination Catherine holds, she will continue to grow trust in the world. [Read more…]