1. I have a topic for you, Bob, you know I have.

    And thank you for the compliment. I write to achieve some sort of catharsis. Often I succeed in it for myself. I hope it may also help at least one other person in pain.

    I also wrote when I get angry enough about something. 2017 was anger at the way I was raised. I can change not one thing, but I can gain a kind of peace about it. To me that is a facet of mindfulness, of which I see many facets.

    • Robert Brotchie

      Wishing you a peaceful 2018 with the continued growth we all have available to us. Let every challenge provide that opportunity to grow. I hope you achieve some catharsis, but in the meantime, readers can enjoy and learn from your outstanding and powerful insights.

      Take care, Tim.

    • Robert Brotchie

      Thank you Hazel, it was indeed!
      The Xmas holiday break was much needed and now I feel ready for whatever 2018 brings. Consolidation is the name of the game!

      Thank you for all your kindness, engagement and shares, too.

      May your new year be productive, and with peace.

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