14 Ways to Benefit from ‘Alone Time’

There are so many negative connotations when we hear the word ‘alone’. However, ‘being alone’ or ‘alone time’ can provide great benefits and contributes to our emotional wellbeing. For some time I have been a great advocate of ‘mindful walking‘ as a way to engage in some physical exercise and make space so we can reflect (maybe even allow for some problem-solving), feel the ground beneath our feet, smell the air and listen to the sounds around us – in effect ‘see’ or become aware of what is around us. It’s this awareness that leads us to give attention to ‘the present moment’ and ‘being mindful’. [Read more…]

The Year-end Post from Counsellor Bob Brotchie

It’s probably fair to say 2017 was another turbulent year for humanity! Driven by their own sense of inadequacy, copycat terror was once again evident as individuals and groups tried to force those of democracy and of opposing views to cow down to the radical and extreme (non) faiths and ‘beliefs.

[bctt tweet=”Where there is disaster, look for the helpers.” username=”BobBrotchie”] [Read more…]

Understanding the Narcissist

The subject of narcissism regularly emerges when discussing abuse, childhood emotional neglect (CEN) and negative relationships both domestically and outside the home. I find it also emerges in casual conversations I have with others – and many are not aware of the term ‘narcissism’ and how it relates to them personally.

Of course, not all narcissism is unhealthy, but there is definitely more awareness now than in previous years, and you have likely seen many articles posted on social media about narcissism as an unhealthy personality trait. But how does this relate to us personally? Are these articles just talking about domestic and emotional abusers? [Read more…]

World Events and My Equanimity

A stunning read from our resident guest author, Tim, that doesn’t require much of an introduction.

How do I cope with the stress of world events?

World events can throw a huge spanner in our works. One happened with an election result in the USA way before 20 January 2017, but the spanner arrived just then, yesterday, and with such effect that it almost feels as if the eschaton has arrived, and I am not a religious man. [Read more…]

How to Stay Positive in a Negative World

Everywhere you turn there is bad news and recent weeks have been no exception.

A 29-year-old man goes on a killing spree in an Orlando nightclub because he can’t come to terms with his sexuality; a two-year-old is attacked and killed by an alligator while on the holiday of a lifetime at Disney World; and closer to home (here in the UK), an MP is stabbed and shot in the street by someone consumed by hatred.

The world can be a frightening place, and if you’re easily overwhelmed by worry and a sense of dread, you aren’t alone. [Read more…]