1. Jen

    Thank you. This is so needed in our world today, nowhere more than here in USA. I don’t see it much today, but mindful responses to hurtful words are necessary for forward movement. Right now it seems there is the recognition of inappropriate language and actions and then angry responses and language that matching the original insults…and so the division grows.

    • Thank you Jenny. This is a sad reflection of society today, not just the U.S. of course.

      I see your work too, Jenny. You and your supporters ARE being the change desired for the world and those who currently inhabit it.

    • In many ways I find that Mindfulness, Jen, when responding to other people, is calm and sometimes militant politeness. But insults are intended to be insulting. I suspect many are delivered mindfully in the hope of provoking a hostile reaction.

      At present we have political rabble rousers whose sole intent is to foment division and hatred for their own aggrandisement. This is a thing we must resist by all available means.

      I seem not to have resisted becoming political, but I also fear for myself and others in easily targetable minorities. It is so easy to dehumanise large groups of people in order to dispose of them. The ‘never again’ cry after the Holocaust has never been implemented because it would require action inside a different sovereign state, action other nations are unwilling to take for internally valid reasons.

      The Mindful approach to refugees, true refugees, is to admit them at once and help them to integrate into society well and fast. The rabble rousing approach seems to be to slam our borders shut because these people are ‘not like us’.

      I seem to be going off on a long rant. I had probably better stop while I am showing a semblance of decorum.

      • Oopsy. We can, if we wish, “admire” refugees, but i meant “admit”

        I must be wearing my Freudian Slip, and it seems to be showing below the hem of my frock.

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