1. Linda Marciniak

    Hello Bob, thank you for sharing this. Is it recommended to do 30 days consecutively or could it be once a week for 30 weeks? I have not done it before and would find it hard to go to a class every day to learn the practice. Also, what is a good type of yoga to begin with? I’ve seen different types advertised.

    Thank you

    Linda Marciniak

    • Hi Linda. Hopefully, the author will provide a more authorative reply but from my own experience a regular practice (at home) supported by at least weekly guidance in a group or one-to-one basis will provide the greatest benefit. The practice at home grows once instruction becomes embedded and understood, including providing self a safe practice, knowing limitations, etc.

  2. Linda Marciniak

    Thanks Bob, I will have a look at joining a class – I think I would need to be in a class all the time as I am not very self-disciplined. In a class I’d have to do the work under the watchful eye of the teacher!

    Much appreciated,


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