10 Steps to Conquering Your Anxiety – Infographic

Anxiety affects the majority of us at some point in our lives and suffering from symptoms of anxiety does not indicate a weakness or a failing on our part. Anxiety can affect us intermittently or can be ongoing – but we CAN always do something to help reduce the effects and even remove that ‘sense of dread’ associated with anxiety. [Read more…]

Chronic Anxiety: The cost to health and the benefits of present moment living

The world we inhabit today is very different from that of our ancestors from hundreds of thousands of years ago. Much of the human brain has also evolved – and some has not evolved enough!

Because we have the same (or similar) primal emotions, we have a mismatch in terms of our beliefs and perceptions arising out of societal conditioning and modern living, resulting for so many of us in chronic stress and anxiety. [Read more…]

Emotionally Dysregulated? Here’s How to Reset for Good

Are you sleeping and eating well? Getting enough play and R&R time? Are your performances at work and your relationships at home all that they can be, or are you suffering from anxiety, explosive angry outbursts, or the symptoms associated with depression? Then these, among many other behaviours, are likely the result of living a life ‘emotionally dysregulated‘. So, what’s to do?  [Read more…]

How to Keep Sane in a Challenging World

Here is the news – again!

Being emotionally connected to each global and local event, we can soon find ourselves overwhelmed with negative perspectives. Whether it’s England’s performance at the Euros – or Brexit, Donald Trump for president and Boris Johnson as foreign secretary, or the increased frequency of shootings and terrorism around the globe – it’s crucial to maintain a balanced perspective. But how? [Read more…]

The Anatomy of Anger and How to Manage This and Other Emotions

Anger is an emotion that can have a place in our lives. Anger, can keep us safe – as well as create regret and harm! For some of us, anger visits daily – even hourly. So, when we find anger has moved in and unpacked, how can we over time, manage and reduce the triggers?.

Why do we feel anger?

There are many beliefs which may trigger anger in us, and most are subconsciously driven by the ‘emotional brain’: [Read more…]