How to Keep Sane in a Challenging World

Here is the news – again!

Being emotionally connected to each global and local event, we can soon find ourselves overwhelmed with negative perspectives. Whether it’s England’s performance at the Euros – or Brexit, Donald Trump for president and Boris Johnson as foreign secretary, or the increased frequency of shootings and terrorism around the globe – it’s crucial to maintain a balanced perspective. But how?

Easy (and Frequent) Access

All of us have access to global information today, on a second-by-second basis – and for many of us, such as those who are more sensitive to external stimuli, our thoughts, beliefs, and eventually our behaviours become heavily influenced by negative local and world events.

Unhealthy emotional management behaviours can arise, such as blocking or avoidance tactics via increased alcohol intake, hurting ourselves and others, and deflecting our emotional pain can be the result; but all in all, we risk become emotionally dysregulated – and may achieve lower than optimal resilience for the challenges of life.

By all means stay in touch with events in the news, but repetitive consumption of negative stories can lead to a belief that the world, and many within it, is a horrible place.

The Brexit Effect

The effect of Brexit on individuals was clear, with an increase in enquiries for talking therapy. This is the power of the media when it is consumed with such consistency, by so many, together!


The world does have darkness – but that’s how we see the light!


While there can be no denying criminality, immoral behaviours, and other darkness does exist, without these aspects we may struggle to appreciate the light! This recent quote resonated with me.


When you see a disaster, look for the helpers – there will always be helpers.


So, we can elect to manage our exposure to negative events without hiding from them, and we can also remind ourselves of our own individuality and beliefs outside of those who would choose to revel in harmful and negative positions.

We have the power of choice over what, how much (and how often) we expose ourselves to.

We can choose positive and inspiring events and people – or those that may be viewed as negative and demoralising. Our power resides in our ability to be aware, elect choices over what we will subscribe to which serves us, without harming others. Because then, we become emotionally regulated – and that means greater resilience available for the knocks we all receive as part of the rich tapestry of life.

Are you, or is someone you care about, ‘blowing up’ emotionally? Are you, or they, becoming despondent with the world? Do allow yourself – or encourage others – to talk, express and find some new, fresh perspectives.


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