Seems the kids are getting divorced – and it’s all their fault!

When parents divorce, as has seemingly become ‘the norm’ in today’s society, we all know our children will feel the fallout too. As I write this article, it is from a number of angles; as a former child of parents who divorced, as a parent who divorced, and as a therapist helping members of families whose domestic unit has been, or is, ‘deconstructing’. [Read more…]

What Are my Options for Accessing Mental Health Care?

Below is a link to a 5 minute video that painfully illustrates some of the challenges a person faces when they do pluck up the courage to seek help with their emotional, psychological distress. It also provides a candid overview of some of the responses of GP’s and surgery staff and, helpfully, what mental health advocates “Time to Change” (TTC) are trying to address. Please do watch before reading on.

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What Does Anglia Counselling Look Like?

Isn’t that a strange title and question? I wanted an excuse for sharing my clients new room; provided for them by my company Anglia Counselling – Newmarket. But it goes further than that… fortunately!

Many clients share, when asked, that they had no idea what to expect in relation to the environment – or the talking therapy process. An addendum to that, is the reason I ensure images of me are available; the last thing I want is for the recognition to arise that I am a reminder for someone who might have had a negative influence on a new client – when they walk into the room.

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Is your child unable to conform – or learn?

Do you have or know a “defiant child or adolescent”; are they being naughty, or is there something else?

“Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) is a diagnosis described by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) – (Latest revision proposed for DSM 5) – as an ongoing pattern of anger guided disobedience, hostilely defiant behaviour toward authority figures which goes beyond the bounds of normal childhood behaviour.  [Read more…]

Is All Counselling the Same?

There are more than one hundred talking therapies available to help guide you through your emotional and mental health challenges. With so many, which one is right for you?

Clearly, I’m unable to cover all available options here… even if I knew them all! What we can do, however, is explore a short journey around some of the offerings, and considerations.

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