Counselling: Who is it for and what can I expect?

I decided to write a short series, partly in response to a recent query from concerned friends and relatives of someone who could really benefit from that which counselling therapy can provide and who is struggling to reconcile ‘himself’ with the possibility; and also for general consumption in an attempt to clarify the practice and to help reduce any stigma that might be attached. [Read more…]

Counselling: Dispelling the Myths

If I need counselling, I must be in real trouble; I must have failed in some way.

If you recognise and find courage to consider counselling, whether for emotional ‘niggles’ or for something you feel is more serious, this is a success in your life. A failure might be considered if you continued to neglect seeking to resolve a problem that leaves you feeling ‘less than’. [Read more…]

What Can Online Counselling Really Offer?

You’re out of the area when I need a listener.

I need your availability to meet mine.

I’m too busy to commit to the travel and distance – and those parking issues.

I will feel more comfortable discussing my challenges confidentially over the phone or online, at least until I feel a little better.

I like the convenience… and knowledge that we can meet later if I so wish. [Read more…]