What Does Anglia Counselling Look Like?

Isn’t that a strange title and question? I wanted an excuse for sharing my clients new room; provided for them by my company Anglia Counselling – Newmarket. But it goes further than that… fortunately!

Many clients share, when asked, that they had no idea what to expect in relation to the environment – or the talking therapy process. An addendum to that, is the reason I ensure images of me are available; the last thing I want is for the recognition to arise that I am a reminder for someone who might have had a negative influence on a new client – when they walk into the room.

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Self-Generosity: Secret to improving self-esteem

Guest author, Amy Phillips-Gary at Personal Growth Planet shares her thought with us on generosity and self-esteem.

Generosity is an admirable and positive character trait.

When I describe someone as “generous,” I am usually referring to the way that the person gives of his or her time, energy and resources to others. Generous acts can range from donating money to those in need to spending an afternoon volunteering to letting your spouse have the biggest piece of pie. [Read more…]