1. Well said Bob. When we are looking for someone to cure us, we give the therapist all the power and it is hard to walk away even if we feel we don’t really fit and/or are not getting an benefit from the therapy. When we decide to take responsibility for our own wellness, it is much easier to meet a therapist for the first time with the intention of figuring out if this therapist is a good fit for us and we’re a good fit for them (equally as important)!

    I have also found that as I change and evolve, there comes a point where I have learned what I needed to from my therapist (and they from me) and it is time to move on to another therapist with a different perspective or who looks at my experiences through a lens that I feel would be more beneficial. I think this is also healthy.

    It is a process for sure but so worth it. Like you said, we all deserve to get that kind of help resonant therapy can bring.

    And I can tell Bob–though I have never worked with you–you are an excellent councillor by what I know of your beliefs, methods and the value-added information you make available. I say this coming from seeing a whole lot of different practitioners since 1999 and now knowing what to look for.

    • Thanks so much for your kind feedback, Trish. I think comments such as these are so poignant, knowing as I now understand how long your journey has – and continues to be.

      My warmest wishes


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