The Year-end Post from Counsellor Bob Brotchie

It’s probably fair to say 2017 was another turbulent year for humanity! Driven by their own sense of inadequacy, copycat terror was once again evident as individuals and groups tried to force those of democracy and of opposing views to cow down to the radical and extreme (non) faiths and ‘beliefs.


Where there is disaster, look for the helpers.


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PTSD: The Signs You May be Missing

Whilst post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is commonly understood as a condition suffered by frontline personnel in the military and emergency services, there is a groundswell of opinion that suggest quite strongly that variations of PTSD can be found across society.

Janice Killey has a wealth of experience and training in this area and shares some of the signs we may be missing and gives insight into what PTSD is and the symptoms to watch out for. Janice also holds a Diploma of Education, Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), Master of Arts (Counselling), Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy (ASH) and is a Registered Psychologist at Psychologists Southern Sydney. She is also a member of the Australian Psychological Society.

Many people nowadays are unaware that they have a mental condition called PTSD or best known as Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. Why is this so? Well, the reason for this is, even today, is the lack of information or awareness about it. Let me share with you what it is all about and the signs that you may be missing. [Read more…]

How PTSD can be Treated with Rewind Technique

Guest author, Michael is a health and fitness blogger who is constantly attempting to learn about new techniques that may unlock the solution to ailments that modern medicine is unable to solve. He regularly writes about his discoveries and recommends other Past Life Regression QHHT to address PTSD issues also.

PTSD, or Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, is defined as a condition where individuals suffer mental health issues after having experienced or witnessed a traumatic event. [Read more…]

Thriving through Post-traumatic Stress and Living Life by Surprise

(Guest post) ~ Liv…and a survivors story, living with PTSD.

It disturbs me every time it happens… but the flashbacks are getting to be less prevalent.

With my husband in the passenger seat, and my nine month old in the back, we passed a car accident a few days ago. The accident was over. There were several people on the side of the road. The cars were still in-situ. One of the cars had spun into my lane of traffic, the other was on the other side of the road, blocking a lane. [Read more…]

Living with Chronic Pain – Day 3

Despite living with multiple illness over more than two decades, Angela proves it is never too late to seek help. Here is her story, bravely shared to inspire you. Angela’s story is one that is sadly far from unique. Angela is however, unique, as is the new found self-esteem, sense of worth, feeling of wellbeing and recognition for who she is, from how she was.

Fighting the Battle Within

For years the feeling of living in a deep dark hole, constantly struggling to find my way out affected me daily. Every day felt like a rainstorm even when the sun was shining brightly. [Read more…]

PTSD – The Silent Enemy

A heightened awareness and understanding is growing around the realities of the psychological injury – PTSD. The infographic below demonstrates some shocking statistics.

The military are beginning to acknowledge the illness (or injury), yet still, it is often many years before service personnel seek or receive assistance; numbers are sadly increasing for those ending their lives, rather than – or despite seeking help.

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