Hints and Tips to Understand and Move through Anxiety

Does anxiety keep knocking on the door of your life and have you tried opening the door?

When we stop trying to push back the discomfort of anxious thoughts, and open up to possibilities around where they may originate from, and what they are associating with today, we can find they become less impactful, resolving even to a manageable level. This is important for a number of reasons: [Read more…]

Book Launch: Why what’s inside ‘Mind Mechanics – The Mindfulness Compendium’, may help you?

Following the acid test of providing free of charge over 500 downloads of the ‘rough’ copy compilation of blogs attributed to my website, I decided it might be reasonable to have a version of the most popular blogs formatted, tidied up, re-edited, proofed and made available across all major e-readers at Smashwords. [Read more…]

Professional Providers

You look after others but who looks after you? I have written earlier in the series about carers and the need for them to be their best, so they can give their best. This blog is for providers of other professional services, and for whom neglecting to keep their emotional stability in check may ultimately affect their own wellbeing!

Let’s target some service providers, in no particular order, as they say: [Read more…]